Vanten Compatible/Replacement for Extra Stylus Nib Replacement for Apple iPencil Tip for iPad Pro 12.9 inch 10.5 inch 9.7 inch(White) 1Pack

This custom-made tip/stylus replacement for Apple iPad Pro is made of high quality material and the tip is durable. 

It offers regular replacement of normal wearing and tearing, accidentally drop and careless loss. 

It is quite easy to install, simply twist on/off, then your Apple pencil is brought back to life to continue writing and drawing, and you have a smooth hand writing experience.


Compatibility: For Apple Pencil for IPad Pro only

Material: Polypropylene

Color: White

Tip size: 0.5 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches

Package Included: 1 Pack of Replacement Tip for Apple pencil

Product Features

  • *PERFECT COMPATIBILITY* – This pencil tip is especially designed for Apple pencil for Apple iPad Pro (12.9 inch 10.5 inch 9.7 inch) only. It is born for your Apple iPencil and 100% compatible with it. You can put your heart at rest
  • *EXTRA TIP AS BACKUP* – You must be very annoyed if this little tip is lost or damaged when you are using your iPencil, especially in colder weather, right? Now a replacement is necessary. Even in normal use, the tip also gets worn to some extent. So get extra tip as backup is a very wise idea
  • *TRUSTWORTHY QUALITY* – The replacement tip is made of durable commercial grade rubber and manufactured 1 to 1 exactly as the original one. It is easier to guide across the screen of iPad Pro without any scratches and smudges. It can help you work and study more efficiently
  • *EASY TO REPLACE* – No need to worry about how to replace the tip. The tip fits snugly over the Apple Pencil and is easy to take on and off. You can install and remove the apple pencil tip easily by rotating it in the opposite direction. No complicated steps
  • *IMPORTANCE AND WARRANTY* – Please be noted that the Apple Pencil is for illustration ONLY and NOT INCLUDED. The tip replacement by Vanten is custom-made for Apple iPad Pro with high-quality material. There should be no quality problem. But in case anything lets you feel unsatisfied, please contact us freely. We will fix your issue within 24 hours

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2 Responses to Vanten Compatible/Replacement for Extra Stylus Nib Replacement for Apple iPencil Tip for iPad Pro 12.9 inch 10.5 inch 9.7 inch(White) 1Pack

  1. Pete Batalis says:

    it is sensitive enough and provides precise lines. Just love it! The nib I received does NOT work at all. Not only was I told it had the same sensitivity, it’s supposed to be almost exactly the same. Nope. Unless I got a defective one. My apple pencil is fully charged. I did a test before replacing the apple nib. I drew several lines in Procreate with the old nib. Then I attached the new one from this seller. Not only is it a different shape, it did not draw anything. No marks. I tried tightening it…nothing. I lose ended it. Nothing happened still. I…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last week, I found my pencil tip was slightly crooked out of the blue. The screw thread was off and didn’t function as before. This tip comes with the Apple pencil and is the original one. I haven’t replaced it since I bought this Apple pencil. Just never considered about it. Now its malfunction reminded me and popped up a question “Why not purchase a tip for my pencil?” It is much cheaper to get a tip than purchase another pencil. Due to tip breakdown, purchasing another pencil is absolutely…

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