Understanding Calculus II: Problems, Solutions, and Tips

These 36 lectures are your payoff for mastering Calculus I, and they’ll introduce you to exciting new techniques and applications of one of the most powerful mathematical tools ever invented. Equipped with the skills contained in these lectures, you’ll be able to solve a wide array of problems in the physical, biological, and social sciences; engineering; economics; and other areas. You’ll also have a solid foundation for the further study of mathematics – one that meets the math requirement for many undergraduate majors. In the company of Professor Edwards, you’ll be introduced to the “”magic integrating factor”” and try using it in several examples and applications; you’ll learn how to deal with linear factors, repeated linear factors, and irreducible quadratic factors; you’ll see how to apply the alternating series test and use absolute value; and you’ll discover how to express an arbitrary vector in terms of the standard unit vector. Here are just a few of the many concepts, equations, formulas, problems, and topics you’ll cover in these intellectually rigorous (but always accessible) lectures: differential equations, areas and volumes, arc length, p-Series, vectors, infinite series, the Cantor set, parabolas and hyperbolas, parametric equations, and Taylor polynomials.Prepare to take the next exciting – and rewarding – step in your journey toward stronger mathematical understanding.

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    I love the layout of the lectures

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    Use this to series to to improve grades

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