Twelve South BookBook Case for iPad Mini 5 | Hardback Leather Cover with Multi-Angle Viewing and Apple Pencil Slot (Brown)

BookBook for iPad is a gorgeous leather case reminiscent of a vintage book or sketchbook. BookBook tilts iPad to the perfect angle for typing or effortless drawing and sketching.. When your work is done, fold BookBook into presentation/display mode to show off your masterpiece. Or use display mode for watching a movie on the beautiful display. When the show’s over, know that your work is safely housed in a protective case designed for the digital world. Hardback covers and a crush resistant spine give iPad extra protection for all the bag cramming and accidental drops you put it through. Lastly, no more trying to keep track of your Apple Pencil, BookBook has a built-in holster.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: BookBook’s exterior is hand finished out of full-grain leather that patinas over time and softens with age. A seperate leather interior frame allows access to all ports easily, while a microfiber lining prevents scratching.
  • DISGUISE YOUR DEVICE: BookBook’s unique look is often imitated, but none come close to the original. We use traditional book-binding techniques and hand finishing to make it look as close to its namesake as possible. Theives won’t target your iPad in BookBook.
  • ARE YOU TAKING NOTES OR DOODLING? Your boss may never know – an Integrated kickstand angles iPad for comfortable sketching and typing while still inside the case.
  • 3-IN-1 DESIGN: Includes a hardback protective case, a typing angle, and hands-free display mode to make viewing videos or FaceTime easy
  • KEEP IT TOGETHER: An interior pocket stores Apple Pencil or an iPad stylus inside the spine to prevent that “where’s my Apple Pencil?” moment.

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3 Responses to Twelve South BookBook Case for iPad Mini 5 | Hardback Leather Cover with Multi-Angle Viewing and Apple Pencil Slot (Brown)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Surprisingly good. I am reviewing the case for the iPad Pro 10.5. And honestly, it didn’t expect much; I ordered 2 cases with this one being an experiment. I thought it would be too thick; that it would be hard to fold over to use in tablet mode; and that the mounting system would be awkward. Wrong on all counts. It is none of those; and also meets the key criteria of holding whatever angle you set the iPad to. The snaps inside? Pop effortlessly in and out. The leather “frame” does not get in the way. Its…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Style over substance. To me far too many work-arounds required for day to day Ipad use, especially given the premium price. While the book look is interesting, I am not a secret agent and I seriously doubt the book camouflage is going to deter any competent thief. Book safes have been around forever, if anything the case will likely ATTRACT thieves by the possibility the case may contain cash. In the end if a thief is so dumb they think books have zippers, they likely won’t be in the thieving business very long,…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Premium, with a few minor faults Just got this case in this morning for my 2018 iPad Pro, and first impressions are great. The case feels very premium and sturdy, and smells wonderful, as any good quality leather should. The combination of all-around leather and the inner plastic shell feel like they’ll be decent protection for your tablet, should it take a tumble.It’s very easy to insert and remove your tablet; the interior in general is very well-sown. The inner lining is made of a soft fabric unlikely to damage…

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