Swifthorse Replacement LCD Touch Screen Assembly Compatible with IPAD Mini 4 Model A1538 A1550 (White)+ Free Teardown Tool

LCD is a very sensitive component, and each screen is shipped after rigorous testing. For the buyer and the buyer to have a pleasant transaction, please be patient and please read the following suggestions:
1. Before purchasing the LCD screen, please check the model of the machine to avoid unnecessary mismatch.
2. In order to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers, please do not rush to sign when receiving the goods, be sure to sign the goods after inspection, to determine the correct number of screens and no damage. Once signed, it means that you confirm that the screen is intact and the quantity is correct.
3. After you receive the display, please do not rush to install the machine, but first disassemble the machine, take out the original screen, and compare it with the new screen, such as: screen size, cable Whether the position, the shape of the cable, the position of the screw hole, etc. are consistent;
4. After the confirmation is confirmed, try again, please be sure to install it when the power is turned off! Remember that the protective film does not tear the protective film, only the cable is connected, and then the power is turned on, and the new screen is used without any problem. Then the machine is installed and sealed.
5. Because the LCD screen is a glass product, it is very sensitive and fragile, so be sure to turn off the power when installing, and gently handle it.

Product Features

  • 1. This product is used to replace ipad screen repair, compatible with ipad mini 4 model is A1538 A1550;
  • 2. The LCD screen is 100% rigorously tested to ensure that your phone is in good time with your family.
  • 3. The product packaging has been rigorously tested to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation;
  • 4. Buy goods immediately, enjoy perfect after-sales service, and provide 15 days unconditional return service;
  • 5. The product is 1pc LCD screen (white) + maintenance-free tool + cleaning kit

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