Real Simple

Real Simple is for smart, busy women who welcome creative solutions to their everyday challenges. They trust Real Simple for help entertaining, organizing, shopping, working, connecting with friends, or making time for themselves.A few years ago, many women realized they were stressed out, carrying too many responsibilities, and working too hard both at work and at home. These women decided to make their lives simpler. Real Simple magazine focuses on the simple lifestyle movement. With articles about easier ways to care for your home, your family, and yourself, its goal is to make your life smoother and stress-free while introducing you to the best ideas and products.

Real Simple magazine’s philosophy of simplicity is reflected in its layout style. Clean, uncluttered pages allow you to focus on articles and ideas. You’ll find articles about reducing stress, simple makeup and hair techniques that look fantastic, easy recipes, organization ideas, uncluttered décor, and ways to remove burdens from your life while retaining all its fullness. Pets, kids, cooking-no matter what you need to simplify, you will find it addressed in Real Simple.

Buying guides are a common part of this magazine, covering products in all price ranges. Real Simple magazine offers tips on spending your money in smarter ways and sometimes road-tests popular new devices to see how well they really work. Real Simple also includes issues on holiday entertaining and other special events like weddings, maintaining its simplification philosophy throughout.

In essence, content, and style, Real Simple magazine is the Zen of periodicals, seeking out different ways to help you calm down your crazy life. If you need some lifestyle simplification, it might be the right magazine for you.

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3 Responses to Real Simple

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like REAL SIMPLE

  2. Anonymous says:

    Digital Version is horrible

  3. Anonymous says:

    Real Simple is for the young set. Lots of helpful things & ideas. I really like Real Simple.I have been getting it since it came out. BUT, now that i’ve gotten into my 70’s, I find that it has little to offer me. The recipes sound good but i cannot eat most of the ingredients that they are made from.I have to do a lot of switching ingredients and then it is not that dish ay more. The clothes are for working women as are so many other things in the magazine. It is a heavy magazine so i cannot carry it with me when i go out to a place where i read while…

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