Logitech Canvas Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Air 2 -Red (920-007273)

Perfect for when you want to say more with your iPad, the Logitech Canvas Keyboard case provides protection along with an integrated keyboard. Offering a familiar, fast, and accurate typing experience, this thin, lightweight case lets you use your iPad like a laptop. Canvas features a built-in Bluetooth keyboard with well-spaced keys, iOS shortcuts, and versatile viewing positions to help you get more done. Position your iPad upright for typing emails and chatting, or lay it flat to read and browse in comfort. When the iPad is positioned upright, the keyboard auto on/off feature ensures Canvas is ready for typing when you are. When surprises come your way, the Logitech Canvas is ready, with durable and liquid-repellent materials to protect your iPad. Troubleshooting for Bluetooth connection issues: a) Make sure your keyboard case is charged. Turn your keyboard on by resting the iPad on the strip above the keyboard. The status indicator will be red if your keyboard has less than 20% battery life left. Connect it to a power source. b) Try un-pairing and re-pairing your keyboard case from your iPad. Here’s how: On your iPad, tap Settings and then Bluetooth. In the Devices list, find Canvas Keyboard Case, tap the information icon to the right, and then tap Forget this device. Rest your iPad on the strip directly above the keyboard to turn the keyboard on. The status indicator on the top right will glow green.; Press the Bluetooth connection button on the right side of the keyboard to put it into discovery mode. On your iPad, tap Settings, then Bluetooth settings, locate Canvas Keyboard Case in the Devices list, and select it. Once the connection is made, the indicator will turn solid blue. Your keyboard is ready to use.

Product Features

  • Converts into a stand that holds your iPad at the perfect angle for watching a movie, typing, an email, and more
  • Includes a built-in Bluetooth keyboard which provides an excellent typing experience
  • Features front and back protection, plus liquid-repellent materials, to keep your iPad safe. – Operates using 2 lithium coin batteries that can last for up to 4 years of use
  • Well-spaced keys make it comfortable to type while iOS shortcuts let you use common commands with just a click
  • If you are experiencing trouble powering on your keyboard or connecting it to your Surface device: 1. Make sure that you are using the Microsoft Surface or Surface 2 tablets; the Touch Cover is only compatible with these devices. 2. Make sure that there is nothing in between the magnetic clip and your Surface device, blocking the magnets. 3. Make sure that your Surface device is powered on. 4. Make sure that your Surface device is up to date on the latest operating system available. 5. Make sure

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3 Responses to Logitech Canvas Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Air 2 -Red (920-007273)

  1. Kimberlin says:

    LOVE MY BUY!!! It’s been months since I have purchased this keyboard case. I wanted to give an honest review. I did a lot of research on this product before buying and I must say that a lot of the reviews on here does not do this product any justice. I have seen so many negative reviews on this product from people who purchased the referbished case. That basically told me to purchase a brand new case if I were to get this product. But before I did that I went to YouTube and looked at actual users of the…

  2. I watch a lot of TV says:

    They cost a bit of money, but are still, apparently, disposable. I got this one to replace another Logitech keyboard/folio that had cracked in the corners where the iPad mounted. I assumed the broken one, still under warranty, was just from a defective lot. Not so, apparently. 5 months after receiving this one—which is a different model, it also cracked in the upper corners. In both instances, Logitech absolutely refused to consider a refund because I bought them on Amazon. They did, however, after I gave the model #, Serial #, Part #, Model number of my…

  3. E. S. Millay says:

    May not last as long as the ipad The keyboard is working great and the reason I gave it a 3 is that I feel it has a major design flaw, in that it cannot be recharged and eventually it just dies and you have to buy another. The last version of this lasted a lot longer and you could recharge it, in fact you had to. So I have had my Ipad Air2 for under 2 years and the original one I bought is dead and the only thing to do is replace (after going through tech support, etc). So this is keyboard #2 and that just seems really…

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