iPHONE 7/7 PLUS USER MANUAL FOR BEGINNERS: A complete iPhone 7 guide book; With all iPhone 7/7 plus tips and tricks

Get your complete iPhone 7/7 plus user manual with all iPhone 7 tricks and secrets you never knew existed!

How well can you operate your phone? What can you do with your new iPhone 7? Good questions right?! I am very sure you’ll be amazed if I show you a hundred and one tricks you could perform with your phone.

This book is written to introduce you into the world of iPhones and improve the user experience of your iPhone 7/7 plus. With the many interesting features packed in the iPhone 7, you definitely need a guide -a working one at that- to explain basic phone terminologies in simple English so that you can easily become a pro user. This guide is the best bet for you.

This guide will teach you how to perform complex tasks in a simple step-by-step procedure. This book is divided into sections to make reading fun and recalling information very easy. You need this book to unleash your iPhone 7 true potentials.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to setup your iPhone 7
  • How to use important iPhone 7 apps
  • How to shoot 4k videos
  • How to secure your phone
  • How to enjoy quality messaging features
  • And many more secrets
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