ELYAN Capacitive Stylus Pen,Disc Tip & Fiber Tip 2in1 Series, High Sensitivity & Precision styli Pens, Universal for Tablet and Touch Screens Devices (Black)

Colour: Black
The ELYAN stylus has an excellent weight in your hands, and give you a luxurious feel.
ELYAN’s 2-in-1 capacitive stylus can touch the digital product’s touch screen with a smooth, long-lasting quality. The advantage of using a stylus is that it protects the screen from scratches or fingerprints.

The 2mm rubber dot (diameter of 6.8mm) at the tip of the disc allows you to select small icons, click on small letters and provide you with accurate choices. With a transparent disc, you can see exactly where you are pointing; it is ideal for drawing applications.

Compatible with most capacitive touch screen devices, for ipad, iphone, kindle, kindle fire, Samsung galaxy phones, tablet PCs and smart phones.
Note: Lenovo Yoga 720 is not compatible.

Changing skills
Both tips are replaceable and easy to complete without tools. Each stylus is equipped with an additional 2 disk heads and 1 fiber head.

About Products
Length: 5.5″ (140 mm)
Pen tube diameter 0.35″ (9.5mm)
Disk diameter: 0.27″ (6.8mm) (2mm rubber point)
Fiber tip diameter: 0.24 (6mm)
Weight: 24g
Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum

What’s in the bag?
* 1pc Stylus Pen: Black
* 2 replaceable disc tips
* 1 replaceable fiber head

Note in use:
1: Do not tear or cut off the plastic spots on the tip; this part is to receive and operate the touch screen signal, without these signal pens will not work.
2: Note: Some thicker tablet protective shells with special materials (such as Otterbox shell + 2 in 1 series protective film) may reduce the stylus sensitivity due to the low conductivity of the material.
If you use this phone case, we do not recommend purchasing ELYAN stylus. However, the ELYAN stylus can be applied to other most common phone cases.

Product Features

  • ELYAN precise point disc stylus pens feature–Nicely weighted aluminium barrels with a fiber-tipped head on one end and a silicon disc stylus under a screw cap at the other end. Both two ends tips are replaceable. Provides a smooth pen-like writing experience for your touch screen tablets and smartphones.
  • BRING CALMNESS–The silicone connection between the clear disc and the tip tube helps to dampen the touching sound and absorb shock when touching the screen. The means your strokes will be quieter and your screen surface will be protected when note taking or drawing.
  • UNIVERSAL–Compatible with Apple iPads, iPad Mini, iPhones,All Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite Android Tablets, Android Phones, Samsung Galaxy, E- readers, Smartphones and other Capacitive Touch Screens devices.
  • Package included–1 piece Fine Point Disc Tip Stylus, 2 spare replacement small Dics.
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN–delicated box, rubberised grooved grip making gripping easy and comfortable;Lightweight and Clips right to your carrying case or pocket, Keep your mobile & Tablet free from fingerprints on the screen; Perfect as GIFT!

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3 Responses to ELYAN Capacitive Stylus Pen,Disc Tip & Fiber Tip 2in1 Series, High Sensitivity & Precision styli Pens, Universal for Tablet and Touch Screens Devices (Black)

  1. Anonymous says:

    BUY! No REGRETS! But pen doesn’t work with Glass screen Savers 💞1/17/19 THURSDAY💞💞 the color. (Is more ROSEY than my iPhone 6+). 💞 the tip! Comes with 2 extra an also extra mesh tip. Pretty precise:) (muchO better than my fingers an ! 💞 that I don’t have to HOLD THE PHONE!:)) OH! And 💞 that I can screw the Cap back on the other end (mesh) and WONT LOSE IT!❣️❣️What would be AWESOME ELYAN is that the extra TIPS can be stored in pen! And! Also a Case to keep Pen in to keep clean when have to put in Pocket or Bag:) 👍 🤛❣️❗️Just…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Works, looks good, versatile

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love this stylus so much that I just bought another 2 so I can have one for my bag and one for just in case. Very easy to use. comfortable to hold and one end has the soft tip stylus, I prefer using the 2mm rubber dot which is way more accurate to point with,a very smart and unique design.I also love the fact that I can use it on my iPad, iPhone and watch and it works on both Apple and Android products and no need to charge like most other styluses that require charging. I Highly…

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