AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth OBD2 Enhanced Car Diagnostic Scanner for iPhone, iPad & Android, Fault Code Reader Plus Battery Tester Exclusive App for Quality-Newest Generation

Product Features

  • · 【Powerful Check Engine Light Diagnostics】Can read and diagnose your check engine light, understand the severity of the issue, and clear fault codes in a blink of an eye. More functions compared to other simple scanner like I/M Readiness, Battery Health Check, Freeze frame, O2 sensor test, On-Board Monitoring, Evap system test, Performance Test, Data Stream, and Diagnostic reports,Handy google search button, Built-in OBD II Fault code look-up library.
  • · 【Necessary Battery Tester】Have you ever noticed many other scanner tools without battery tester functionality, which costs you extra $7.99 USD or more, However, AUTOPHIX 3210 can Check the health of your battery and voltage with a tap on your phone screen, so it is in great condition when you need it the most on a freezing winter day without opening the bonnet.
  • · 【 Key Point】Don’t just read vehicle malfunction codes and give you code definitions, but more importantly informs you what the possible problems are with your vehicle, even if you know absolutely nothing about cars. We are here to help you know the car troubles and clear the error code for saving money, so the understandable fault code definition is important for you.
  • · 【 Works on your car and your Language】A necessary wireless/Bluetooth car diagnostic tool/fault code reader for today’s car owners, downloadable on both iPhone iOS, Ipad and Android and supporting major vehicle brands and models 1996 or newer.Works in English, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese.
  • · 【Autophix –Repairing and Solution Consultant for your Car】Proudly designed in the USA by Professional Engineers. Tested in 50+ local car dealers in the United States before Mass production. Autophix only does car scanning. We are professional for your cars.

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3 Responses to AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth OBD2 Enhanced Car Diagnostic Scanner for iPhone, iPad & Android, Fault Code Reader Plus Battery Tester Exclusive App for Quality-Newest Generation

  1. Anonymous says:

    This things is great. After a quick app download I was able to figure out why my service engine soon light was on.A quick clean of my EGR valve and the light had been taken care of.I drive an older vehicle a 1998 Buick Park Avenue.I have been having issues finding a Bluetooth reader that would connect to my car until now.Out of the box I had some issues connecting the first time.After restarting both my phone and the device a few times…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really, really like this thing. I have an older car (1999 Infiniti i30) and am concerned as it starts to die. So far this was super easy to connect and connected with my iphone XR without any issues. The app is very comprehensiv and showed me all the cleared check engine warnings that had occured and gave me an accurate reading of my battery voltage, The item is perfect fo anyone who does not like to drive to the nearest autostore (they usually will check codes for free). I’m worried…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a few of these readers. What I love about this one is. 1) you don’t need WiFi to connect to it, you just connect through app using Bluetooth. Others have used WiFi and it can complicate things especially if you need the phone for other things like work and such. 2) it comes with an app to operate it. Others you have the scanner that scans the information but you’d have to pay for an app to get all that information. This one has a more than capable app. No hidden fees or purchases. Plus…

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