[8 Pack] AnoKe for Apple Watch iWatch 44mm/42mm Screen Protector (Series 4 /Series 3/2/1), Liquid Skin [Max Coverage] Curved Edge Case Band Friendly Lifetime Replacement Warranty

1.The Apple watch are designed for 44 mm Series 4 size same as Apple watch 42mm Series 3/2/1,only the Screen Display area is 30% bigger
2.The adhesive can prevent bubble free and protective film suitable for any Apple watch devices
3.The precise laser cutting technology makes the screen protector to adapt to every curve on the infinity screen. Material flexibility allows coverage even on curved devices.
4. HD full coverage liquid skin screen protectors are smooth to the touch, offering “True Touch” feel and keeping the bright & colorful image quality
5 .The screen protector prevent your watch surface and edges from scratches and bumps.
8 x smart watch screen
6 x wet wipes
6 x dry wipes
6 x dust-absorber
1 x spray
1 x square card
1 x microfiber

Product Features

  • ATTENTION: Apple Watch 44mm Series 4 Screen Size is same as Apple Watch 42mm Series 3/2/1.The screen protector designed for the two series mentioned.There’s a gap between screen protector and Apple Watch screen for the case.( The product contains 8 pieces of screen protector, but two of which are given by us, so there are only 6 kits accessories.)
  • Innovative Adhesive: The adhesive can be reused and washed,Moreover the wet-install method is simple with bubble free and easy installation that make protective film suitable for any devices.
  • Unique Design: The Liquid Skin Screen Protector is designed to be slightly smaller than the other screen protector to be compatible with the case ,then it is very suitable for Apple Watch with the case.
  • Ultra Clear Screen: 99% HD Clear Screen and amazingly thin,with smooth glass-like surface and “True Touch”, provide you high-definition clear viewing, you can enjoy a great viewing experience with more brightness and less glare.
  • Self-healing Technology: Flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact,and it protects against sweat and oil reside from fingerprints,not easy to stay on the surface and easy to clean.

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3 Responses to [8 Pack] AnoKe for Apple Watch iWatch 44mm/42mm Screen Protector (Series 4 /Series 3/2/1), Liquid Skin [Max Coverage] Curved Edge Case Band Friendly Lifetime Replacement Warranty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tough little case A very good fit and really holds the phone in place when I dropped it.My advice before you snap this on is to insert your Micro SD card and put on your screen protector first. Like I mentioned before this case holds the phone in really good and It felt like I was about to brake something trying to remove it.The power button is a hit and miss. It doesn’t stick out as much as the volume rocker does which prevents accidental presses. But at the same time it makes it a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like this case I love this case. It is nice looking and has a good feel in the hand. The gold is a nice color. This phone felt so vulnerable without this case. My phone fell in the toilet while I was at work and I quickly retrieved it and took the case off. The phone was barely wet – There was no water on the back of the phone at all, so the case definitely shielded it in some manner. There was only water around the buttons on the side and in the headphone jack. I tried to dry it as best as I could. The phone…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sleek and Professional, Very sturdy Fits better than my last case. The larger black end pieces seem like they’ll hold up better than the more narrow hard plastic banded one’s which broke for me at the micro USB port. Plus the hole for the headset jack is large enough to get most jacks all the way in.I like how this one looks and feels, as it is sturdy, sleek, and more professional looking than most. All the side buttons work well too. Plus I’ve got a wireless receiver inside this case and you cannot see any bulges…

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